Testimonial: Landen Kawczak

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While no one likes crashing, we love hearing back from customers who have had the opportunity to put 6D helmets to the test. That was the case for young Landen Kawczak, whose mother Jessica was kind enough to share their experience.

Rider: Landen Kawczak (age 13)
Helmet: 6D ATR-1Y
Crash Date: January 27, 2018
Crash Location: Berne, NY

Jessica Hopkins says: On behalf of Landen’s father (Dean), his little brother Cash, and myself (his mother), thank you. This year we did some research in trying to decide on the right helmet for Landen, and after watching 6D’s video on how the inner dampers protect his head, and speaking with other flat-track racers, we went with the ATR-1Y. I’m now a true believer in your beautifully made helmets, and I believe that it’s the sole reason my son is still here today.

Landen was involved in an accident where another racer inadvertently rode right over Landen’s head. We ran to him thinking the absolute worst and couldn’t believe that not only were his head and face still intact, but he was awake and aware. It was nothing short of a miracle, and confirms the wisdom of using the best equipment money can buy.

We rushed to Albany Medical Center, and Landen had a CT scan and was examined. They said that although he had retrograde amnesia (short-term memory loss), his scan was negative, thank God. Landen is doing amazing now—no problems with memory whatsoever! He’s back to normal activity with no signs of slowing down and is itching to get back on his bike. (Mom’s not ready yet!)

We all realize just how blessed we are to still have Landen. It’s because of your helmet and the dedication your company has for high-quality products. The research you do to keep riders safe and protect them when needed is remarkable! Thank from the bottom of my heart; you have a life-long customer in us.”

6D Helmets says: Jessica, thank you for submitting this testimonial. We’re pleased to hear that the ATR-1Y did its job and, most importantly, that Landen is doing well. Your motherly instincts are spot-on, as correct concussion protocol means not rushing back to riding following a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI). For up to several weeks after an initial concussion, the brain is vulnerable to second-impact syndrome, when it swells rapidly upon being subjected to a subsequent mTBI. That’s why it’s important to always wait until a doctor has confirmed that the brain has returned to a normal state before returning to physical activity.


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