Testimonial: Collin Timmermans

The ones who push the limits discover sometimes the limits push back. 6D Flight Crew member Collin Timmermans faced this reality while competing in SkyPark’s Whip-Off contest a few weeks back. While attempting a whip Collin’s handlebars got stuck on his pant leg causing him to land completely sideways and smack his head into the ground. Following the crash, we had a chance to talk to Collin about his experience.

Rider: Collin Timmermans
Helmet: 6D ATB-2T
Crash Date: July 9, 2022
Crash Location: SkyPark Bike Park

Collin says: Well! Winning the whip off sure was a bonus to hear on the way to the hospital. I hit the ground very hard. It was an unfortunate crash, but I am happy to be alive. My body is beat up especially my right side, I do have 3-4 fractured ribs. I am thankful to have no back, neck or brain damage. The doctors and nurses were in shock when they saw the video of the crash. They questioned multiple times if it was really me, and if it was indeed earlier that day. They were astounded that I did not have to be airlifted. You can fully see how effective this helmet is and the research & development/engineering that 6D puts behind these helmets. It caught the attention of many. As riders, we spend so much time and money putting our trust in countless components; which can have years of testing behind the scenes. So when I say everybody should be wearing one of these helmets, I really mean it.


6D Helmets says: Collin, thank you for the feedback. We’re glad to hear that you ended up winning the Whip-Off and are doing well after such a violent crash. 6D Helmets are designed to reduce energy transfer to the brain more effectively than traditional helmet designs, and with our omni-directional suspension system (ODS), the helmet is more effective in managing angular acceleration force and low-threshold impacts than traditional designs. This is a key to keeping riders like yourself out riding.

Please note that, after any accident of significance, the rider should submit to concussion protocol evaluation before returning to action. Following is a list of stories we’ve done on the subject of concussions and 6D’s helmet-rebuild program­—an option for ATR-1 and ATR-2 customers:

Footage of Collin’s crash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwvYawj5sGI

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