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This has become our challenge and our goal: to develop a revolutionary design concept utilizing creative, forward-thinking technology that would change the market and improve the safety capabilities of the sport’s helmet.  6D’s exclusive patented Omni Directional Suspension™ provides protection capabilities unmatched by any other helmet or helmet technology.

Born in the garage, poised for success

From that humble garage in 2011, we emerged as a formidable presence, fueled by ingenuity and an unwavering spirit. Today, 6D stands proudly, propelled by the same passion that sparked our modest origins.

our mission

“Provide the public with superior safety helmets from both a technological and design perspective.”

“Continually challenge our company to improve its technology and lead the marketplace with innovative solutions.”

10 years of safety

We reflect upon a decade of progress and growth. We are grateful for the support and trust bestowed upon us by our customers and partners.

Six Degrees of Freedom

Our name 6D is a reference to the engineering term 6 Degrees of Freedom, which refers to the ability to move 3 dimensionally in space about the Cartesian coordinate system of X,Y and Z, including rotation about each axis.  Our Omni-Directional Suspension system utilizes this term to maximize its ability to absorb and mitigate energy.    

The 6D story

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