The only rebuildable helmet

6d's impact inspection

6D Helmets feature a unique rebuildable design. Unlike traditional helmets, they can be inspected and easily rebuilt with new parts after an impact. No need to buy a new helmet – just send it back to 6D for replacement and rebuilding. This cost-effective solution allows you to keep using the same helmet you're comfortable with, providing both top-tier protection and the reassurance of rebuildability.

What we inspect

Compression, cracks, shell damage and much more.

6D's replaceable Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam is specifically designed for single-impact scenarios to provide optimal protection by absorbing and dissipating energy. Following a significant impact, the EPS foam may experience compression, cracking, or deformation, which can diminish its ability to effectively absorb impact energy in subsequent incidents.

Upon receiving a helmet, our inspection team performs a thorough examination of the EPS liner. Simultaneously, they inspect the shell for any potential fractures that could render the helmet unsafe for further use. The provided image demonstrates the disparities between a new, intact EPS liner and a damaged one that has experienced compression and cracking.


The Rebuild Program offered by 6D is designed to provide customers with an affordable option for repairing their helmets damaged in a crash. To qualify for the program, the helmet's external shell must pass 6D's engineers' inspection process. Here are the details and requirements of the program:

  • The customer is responsible for returning the helmet to 6D for inspection and rebuild, covering the shipping expenses.
  • Not all helmets will be eligible for rebuild; eligibility is determined through inspection.
  • ATR-1 Helmets can be inspected (and encouraged to send in after severe impacts) but are not eligible for rebuild.
  • When sending the crashed helmet, please include the rider's personal contact information (name, phone number, and email).
  • Exclude the comfort liner, cheek pads, and helmet bag when sending the helmet.
  • The cost of the rebuild includes $132 for the inner EPS assembly and an additional $50 for a new chin bar if required. Tax and shipping charges apply.
  • The rebuild cost does not cover new comfort liner, cheek pads, chin strap covers, visor, or other accessories.
  • The turnaround time for a rebuild is approximately 5-10 business days.
  • The address to send crashed helmets for inspection is provided as:
    6D Helmets, LLC
    Attn: Crash Inspection
    2861 Saturn St. Unit B
    Brea, CA 92821

Please fill out optional rebuild form below to help expediate the rebuild process once the helmet arrives. Please be sure to include Name & Email inside the box.