NFL Head Health Symposium

Kudos to the NFL.

Robert and I have just returned from 2 days in Washington DC. We were invited to attend the first annual NFL Head Heath Tech Symposium. While this invitation came by means of our involvement in the NFL’s Head Health Challenge III, we were excited to attend. They had a full agenda of impressive speakers scheduled to reinforce their commitment to reducing concussion and brain injury; and there was certainly knowledge to gain and plenty of networking opportunities.

Concussion in the NFL, the fundamental mechanics and tolerance of concussion, injury assessment tools, and the role of helmets in concussion mitigation were all discussed. Dr. Thomas Gennarelli discussed the intricate details of what a concussion actually is, and what we need to be doing to reduce the risks for athletes. Best of all was their engineering road-map for improved head protection, solutions, and strategies. They are looking for significant advancements in safety within the next 3 to 5 years which is awesome! They are studying everything and will surely help advance the knowledge base in this area.

Overall, it was a very full agenda of important topics and we were honored to be in attendance. The most important announcement was the NFL’s commitment of on-going investment into concussion research and mitigation. They will be investing millions of dollars as time goes forward to help resolve this problem.

There were a lot of great minds in attendance and we were excited to participate. We met some really great people and 6D was mentioned a few times during the symposium which was particularly cool. We look forward to our continued participation with the NFL in their quest for concussion mitigation. Personally, I believe our Omni-Directional Suspension is the key.

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